Special Education Resolution Center (SERC)

The mission of SERC is to help school districts and parents resolve disputes at the earliest stage possible.

How Do I Know When I Need Help?

  • A student’s needs are complex and difficult to discuss.
  • An individual feels their concerns are not being heard.
  • IEP meetings have not resolved the concerns.
  • One or both parties are holding on to the past and cannot focus on the future needs of the student.
  • Communication barriers exist.
  • A neutral third party could assist in the communication process to keep the parties talking.

The relationship between school districts and families in developing an appropriate IEP for a student with a disability is on-going and involves differing opinions. It’s human nature that individuals will not always be in agreement.

However, disagreement can open opportunities for deeper discussion and creative problem-solving. When individuals take the chance to look at a situation more closely and listen to different points of view, it has a positive impact on everyone involved and helps with effective resolution.

Learn more about SERC on this recorded webinar. 

Who Will Help Me? 

Highly-trained facilitators and mediators will guide all parties through their discussion with the use of effective communication skills.

What are the differences between the services? 

SERC Dispute Resolution Processes Comparison (English) pdf

SERC Dispute Resolution Processes Comparison (Spanish) pdf

CADRE Dispute Resolution Processes Chart (English) pdf

CADRE Dispute Resolution Processes Chart (Spanish) pdf

Need help Understanding Acronyms in Special Education? 

Special Education Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions (PDF)

SERC Programs and Services

IEP Facilitation

If your situation qualifies and all parties consent, SERC will provide a highly-trained facilitator to attend an IEP meeting and help guide the discussion in a structured setting. The facilitator works on behalf of all parties to help come to a mutual agreement on a student’s education program.
>>Learn More about IEP Facilitation


Mediation is an agreement-reaching process in which SERC will provide a highly-trained mediator to assist all consenting parties in resolving their dispute in a collaborative and informed manner.
>>Learn More about Mediation

Due Process Hearing

A due process hearing is a court-like review process governed by administrative laws. SERC will provide a highly-trained hearing officer who will preside over the hearing; the hearing officer’s decisions have the effect of law and are binding upon the participating parties.
>>Learn More about Due Process Hearings

Stakeholder Training

SERC provides training to school districts and parents in Engaging in Challenging Conversations. The training teaches the participants to focus on Mutual Purpose and develop skills for effective Collaboration.
 >>Learn More about Stakeholder Training

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