Stakeholder Training

Disputes are most effectively resolved at the earliest stage possible. SERC provides training to school districts and parents in Engaging in Challenging Conversations. The training teaches the participants to focus on Mutual Purpose and develop skills for effective Collaboration.

Student outcomes are best when parties learn to effectively communicate their interests and needs and work together to develop appropriate services for children with disabilities.

For questions or details on additional training opportunities, please contact SERC at 918.270.1849 or 888.267.0028 (toll-free).


Crucial Conversations Training

Crucial Conversations is a nationally recognized training that helps people have difficult conversations that they are afraid to have or that aren’t going well. And the focus of the training is not just about communication – it’s about helping people get the results they want and need.

Crucial Conversations can help you in your conversations with:

  • School Administrators
  • Staff and personnel including general ed teachers
  • Services resource providers
  • IEP team members
  • Parents and their advocates 

Because of travel restrictions related to Covid-19, we are not able to offer in-person classes at this time. However, we now have a virtual format available using Adobe Connect that is very effective. It consists of five 2-hour long sessions that can be scheduled over two days or one session at a time.

Crucial Conversations is available at no cost to those attending through our partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. If you are interested in scheduling a future training for your district, please contact our offices at (888) 267-0028 or contact Rob Keiter at

Managing Difficult Emotions Cards

Communication Cards (PDF)

Building Relationships Booklets

CADRE’s Working Together and Through Conflict Resources

Attention families and educators supporting students with IEPs! Check out CADRE‚Äôs top collaboration and early conflict resolution resources and move toward more collaborative and productive IEP meetings. 

Working Together and Through Conflict Resources with web links (PDF)
Promotional Material for CADRE Collaboration Resources (Word)

Essential Skills for Engaging in Conflict:
Six Conversations in Support of Effective Collaboration

SERC presents a professional development series written by Greg Abell, Principal at Sound Options Group, LLC.

“Essential Skills for Engaging Conflict” is designed for Oklahoma schools and staff to improve their ability to work together and achieve a range of goals and objectives in improving student learning. 

The series contains an introduction session plus six additional modules. Each module includes a guide and a video to be used to help facilitate groups who may use the series in professional development settings.

Download Essential Skills for Engaging Conflict (pdf)

View the Entire Playlist on YouTube

Series Introduction

The introduction gives an overview of the six (6) modules and how to utilize the training to facilitate participants in a professional development setting.

Watch the Introduction Video 

Module 1: Conflict and Collaboration

Explores the role of collaboration and conflict in the Special Education Collaborative Process of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Watch the Module 1 Video 

Module 2: Starting with Self-Preparation

Explains how understanding your own style and preparing yourself for the process leads to meaningful choices as one engages in the Special Education Collaborative Process of the IDEA.

Watch the Module 2 Video 

Module 3: Listening for Understanding

Explores the value of listening to understand and responding in a meaningful way during the Special Education Collaborative Process of the IDEA.

Watch the Module 3 Video 

Module 4: Sharing Your Perspective

Presents the value of creating safety and sharing your perspective in a way that can be understood and responded to in the Special Education Collaborative Process of the IDEA.

Watch the Module 4 Video 

Module 5: Exploring Issues to Understand Interests

Looks at how to explore “the issues presented” in the Special Education Collaborative Process of the IDEA to understand the “underlying interests” that are driving positions of the participants.

Watch the Module 5 Video 

Module 6: Solutions for Mutual Purpose

Explores a variety of methods to find solutions to issues that also serve the mutual purposes of the parties during the Special Education Collaborative Process of the IDEA.

Watch the Module 6 Video