Introducing IEP Facilitation on the District Level

June 21, 2023

Rob Keiter
SERC Program Coordinator

Implementation of the IDEA requires collaboration between, families, educators, other professionals, and community resources. This is also true of the larger system of education. We are expected to work interdependently in the context of this complex and essential work. The effectiveness of this shared work is often enhanced when supported by a skilled facilitator.

SERC in partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) offers IEP facilitation to schools and families at no charge. Either the school or family can request a facilitator, and both must agree to the use of this resource. When requested, highly experienced third-party facilitators contracted with SERC serve in this role. While this statewide resource will continue to be available in Oklahoma, this new training is designed to help districts develop in-house facilitators to support the work of local IEP teams and other collaborative conversations. The Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Wisdom Wednesday Webinar will introduce this new training.

June, 2023 webinar transcript (WORD).

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