Wisdom Wednesdays Monthly Webinar

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Working together and through conflict to support students with disabilities can be challenging for parents and schools. Learn helpful information, tips, and techniques from the experts that can help you navigate through difficult situations.

Join us for this free 1.5-hour webinar series every month from 12 pm to 1:30 pm CST. Registration is made online by following the links in the description of each webinar.

Wisdom Wednesdays Monthly Calendar

April 17, 2024

School-Based Adult Support Determinations

With Dr. Jennifer Baker, Director of Student Programs/Jenks Public Schools

Making decisions to assign additional adult support at school for students with disabilities continues to be a bit of a hot-button topic. Understanding how to make appropriate determinations, what data to consider in assessing the need, and what a team discussion about this matter can and should look like may feel like a mystery for both families and school districts alike. Jennifer Baker, Ed.D. (Director of Student Programs) will review her district’s rubric document that aids in guiding discussions at IEP team meetings, making determinations for support needs, use of data for staffing across school sites, and writing appropriate goals to reduce the need for support over time.

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May 15, 2024

“You Can’t Make Me:”
Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Students with Oppositional Defiance Disorder

With Dr. Beverly Johns, Learning and Behavior Consultant

These children test the patience of adults around them. Their behavior challenges our competence. This session will discuss who the children are, comorbidity factors, and how our biases and theirs stand in the way of meeting their needs. Why we are seeing more children with ODD will be delineated. We will also discuss the difference between ODD and Conduct Disorder and the key components of an appropriate evaluation. The remainder of the presentation will be on effective strategies to meet their needs.

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