Understanding Due Process – Pt 2“Getting Ready for the Hearing.”

January 31, 2024

With Jo Anne Blades, Sharon Coppedge Long, and Allison Fennell Conch

Many people find Due Process Hearing in Special Education a mystery. Jo Anne Blades, J.D., brings a three-part Webinar Series entitled, So You Think You Want to File a Due Process Hearing Request. The webinars do not contain every piece of information one needs to navigate the process, but Due Process will be explained in a way so that it can make more sense! Since Parents are most often making the filing, Sharon Coppedge Long, Director of the Oklahoma Parent Center, will be assisting Jo Anne Blades and Allison Fennell Conch with the presentation. The second webinar is entitled – Getting Ready for the Hearing.

January 31, 2024 Webinar Transcript (Word)

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