December 2019
SERC Scoop Newsletter

  • What is SERC?
  • The Super Six Principles of the IDEA
  • The Power of Listening – William Ury TEDx Talk
  • First Annual ADR Conference
  • Crucial Conversations Training Update
  • Which Dispute Resolution Process is best for me?
  • Upcoming Events

What is SERC? 

The Special Education Resolution Center of OSU (SERC) has been collaborating with the Oklahoma State Department of Education for over 10 years to help families and school districts resolve conflicts at the earliest stage possible. SERC provides services for children from birth to 3 in SoonerStart and for students 3 through 21 in public schools.

What does SERC provide to schools, SoonerStart, and families at no cost?

The Super Six Principles of the IDEA

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act can sometimes seem LARGE! Most of the law really boils down to six main principles. When you understand the basics of the six main principles – you’ve got a pretty good overall understanding of special education!

Here is a relatively easy summary of the law developed in partnership by the Oklahoma Parents Center and the Oklahoma Department of Special Education. Its a handy guide to keep close and give to others!

View the Super Six guide here:

The Power of Listening – William Ury TEDx Talk

This 16 minute YouTube video is a powerful TEDx talk by William Ury, one of the author’s of the national best seller, “Getting to Yes.” This video shows what really listening to others looks like, why it’s so hard to do, and the powerful benefits of listening! You will want to watch this and share it with your friends.

View video “The Power of Listening” TEDx Talk here:

First Annual ADR Conference

We just wrapped up our first Annual Dispute Resolution Conference. This conference – designed for parents, school district personnel, agencies working with children with special needs, and parents and their advocates was sponsored by the Special Education Resolution Center and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. The conference took place on Monday, November 18 at the Moore Norman Technology Center in Oklahoma City.

Our first conference included general sessions featuring Greg Abell of Sound Options Group in Bainbridge Island, Washington; and Carlo Rossi/Social Advocate for Youth and the Sonoma County Special Education Local Plan Area in California. The focus was on re-framing special education disputes as “enduring conflict” and considered the best ways to engage special ed disputes.

The afternoon included workshops for school districts and parents to help everyone understand the differences in the dispute resolution processes available in Oklahoma. We are excited about the feedback we have received for our first conference and are looking forward to next year’s conference. Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook page and in upcoming SERC Scoop Newsletters.

View the 2019 ADR Conference flyer here:

Crucial Conversations Training Update

This has been a great year for Crucial Conversations training. Crucial Conversations is a two day training that helps people have difficult conversations that they are afraid to have or that aren’t going well. And the focus of the training is not just about communication – it’s about helping people get the results they want.

Crucial Conversations can help you in your conversations with:

  • School administrators
  • Staff and personnel including general ed teachers
  • Services resource providers
  • IEP team members
  • Parents and their advocates

This fall we have conducted training in Jenks, Edmond, and Oklahoma City. We are planning on scheduling two classes in the spring of 2020: one for school administrators, and one for parents and their advocates. We also have training scheduled for the summer of 2020 in Poteau, Oklahoma. This training will be geared toward district personnel.

Crucial Conversations is available at no costs to those attending through our partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. If you are interested in scheduling a training for your district or group, please contact our offices at (888) 267-0028.

View the Crucial Conversations Two-Day Training Agenda here:

Which Dispute Resolution Process is best for me?

You may be wondering which dispute resolution process would be the best for you when dealing with special education-related disputes. This dispute chart will help you understand the differences between the three processes offered in Oklahoma. Each of these processes is offered at no cost to schools or parents. Please contact us with any questions related to our dispute resolution processes. We can help you decide which process will work the best for your situation.

View the English version of the dispute resolution chart here:
View the Spanish version of the dispute resolution chart here:

Upcoming Events

Tech Thursdays with ABLE Tech (FREE monthly Zoom Session)

Join ABLE Tech for live Zoom training covering various tips for accessibility. 

  • AT Assessment Workshop – Part 1: January 23
  • AT Assessment Workshop – Part 2: February 20

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Special Education Resolution Center (SERC)
Oklahoma State University Sponsored Program 9726 E. 42nd Street, Suite 203 | Tulsa, OK  74146



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