March 2024 SERC Scoop

What is SERC?

The Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) has been collaborating with the Oklahoma State Department of Education for nearly 20 years to help families and school districts resolve conflicts at the earliest stage possible. SERC provides services for children from birth to age 3 in SoonerStart and for students ages 3 through 21 in public schools.

The Oklahoma State University Department of Wellness – Sponsored Programs (DOWSP) is the lead agency for SERC.

What does SERC provide to schools, SoonerStart, and families at no cost?

Table of Contents

  • What is SERC?
  • Understanding Due Process Wisdom Wednesday Webinar Three-Part Series
  • Assistive Technology Devices and Services for Children With Disabilities Under the IDEA
  • Follow SERC on Social Media!
  • SERC’s Facilitation Training – New Training Open for Registration!
  • SERC’s Wisdom Wednesday Webinars Update
  • Which Dispute Resolution Process is Best for You?

Understanding Due Process Wisdom Wednesday Webinar Three-Part Series

Many people find Due Process Hearings in Special Education a mystery. Jo Anne Blades, J.D., recently led a three-part webinar series entitled, “So You Think You Want to File a Due Process Hearing Request.” The webinars do not contain every piece of information one needs to navigate the process, but Due Process is explained in a way so that it can make more sense!

Since parents most often file, Sharon Coppedge Long, Director of the Oklahoma Parent Center, assisted Jo Anne Blades and Allison Fennell Conch with the presentation. View each webinar recording and it’s supporting documents at the links below.

Part One – Initial Considerations:

Part Two – Getting Ready for the Hearing:

Part Three – What Happens at the Hearing?

Assistive Technology Devices and Services for Children With Disabilities Under the IDEA

The United States Department of Education recently released guidance regarding IDEA’s requirements for assistive technology (AT). This January 2024 document provides specific information on the provision of AT as part of IDEA Part C (0-2 years of age) and Part B (3-22 years of age), as well as myths and facts about devices, services, and funding for assistive technology. Parents, early intervention providers, and school district employees might be especially interested in reading through the guidance to better understand the federal requirements for individuals with disabilities, particularly the Dear Colleague Letter on the provision of AT and the Myths and Facts document.

Find the documents in English and Spanish on the IDEA AT Guidance webpage.

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SERC’s Facilitation Training – Registration Open!

SERC began offering a new training as a one-day course to districts in Fall 2023. The training provides an overview of facilitation, including facilitator qualities and skills, key functions of a facilitator, the facilitator’s role before, during, and after a meeting, along with a toolbox of practical facilitator strategies and techniques to use during a meeting. This training provides helpful resources to those who want to sharpen their skills and tools when facilitating difficult meetings, and benefit districts wanting to develop in-house facilitators for IEP meetings.

The training will be offered in-person with regional classes in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The course will be from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. This training is available at no cost to those attending through our partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Registration is made online. Course dates and locations with registration links are below. For more information, contact SERC’s Program Coordinator, Rob Keiter at or (405) 569-3105.

See the Facilitator Training agenda.

White and blue graphic with text that reads, "Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) presents. Facilitation Training. Learn more about: Facilitator qualities and skills, key functions of a facilitator, facilitator's roles and more! Free! Through partnership with the State Department of Education. SERC logo. Oklahoma Department of Education logo.

Fiscal Year 2024 Facilitation Training Schedule and Registration

Monday, May 6, 2024 – Tulsa Regional
The Sharp Center, Jenks Public Schools
Register for the May Facilitation Training

Monday, June 3, 2024 – OKC Regional
Mid-Del Tech Center, Midwest City
Register for the June Facilitation Training

Upcoming Wisdom Wednesday Webinars

March 27, 2024Introducing Parents to the IEP Team Process

with Dr. Rob Keiter, SERC Program Coordinator

Establishing good communication patterns and clear expectations from the very outset are important components for building trust between schools and parents. In this webinar, SERC Program Coordinator, Dr. Rob Keiter will share best practices for introducing parents to the IEP Team process. The way the relationship between parents and schools starts can have a significant impact on the future relationship and effectiveness of collaboration within the IEP Team.

Register for the March 27 Wisdom Wednesday Webinar

April 17, 2024School-Based Adult Support Determinations

with Jennifer Baker, Director of Student Programs at Jenks Public Schools

Making decisions to assign additional adult support at school for students with disabilities continues to be a bit of a hot-button topic. Understanding how to make appropriate determinations, what data to consider in assessing the need, and what a team discussion about this matter can and should look like may feel like a mystery for both families and school districts alike. Jennifer Baker, Ed.D. (Director of Student Programs) will review her district’s rubric document that aids in guiding discussions at IEP team meetings, making determinations for support needs, use of data for staffing across school sites, and writing appropriate goals to reduce the need for support over time.

Register for the April 17 Wisdom Wednesday Webinar

May 15, 2024“You Can’t Make Me:”
Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Students with Oppositional Defiance Disorder

with Dr. Beverly Johns, Learning and Behavior Consultant

These children test the patience of adults around them. Their behavior challenges our competence. This session will discuss who the children are, comorbidity factors, and how our biases and theirs stand in the way of meeting their needs. Why we are seeing more children with ODD will be delineated. We will also discuss the difference between ODD and Conduct Disorder and the key components of an appropriate evaluation. The remainder of the presentation will be on effective strategies to meet their needs.

Register for the May 15 Wisdom Wednesday Webinar

Which Dispute Resolution Process is Best for You?

You may be wondering which dispute resolution process would be the best for you when dealing with special education-related disputes. This dispute chart will help you understand the differences between the three processes offered in Oklahoma. Each of these processes is offered at no cost to schools or parents. Please contact us with any questions related to our dispute resolution processes. We can help you decide which process will work the best for your situation.

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